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ACTS Prayer Guide

Day 7

Bible Reading

Adoration of God

  • Psalms 35:1 - 37:40

  • Sing or read a hymn

  • Praise for God

  1. Abba, Father
  2. Lord God
  3. God my Saviour
  4. The Lord God of Israel
  5. The Highest
  6. My God and my Lord (Elohim, Adonai)
  • Attributes of God

  1. Power and authority
  2. Might and strength to do great things
  3. Holy
  4. Great, tender mercy
  5. Glorious light
  6. Grace
  7. Wrath
  8. Trinity
  9. Mercy is in the heavens
  10. Faithfulness reaches unto the clouds
  11. Righteousness like the great mountains
  12. Excellent lovingkindness
  • Praise for God the Son

  1. The Master
  2. The Son of man
  3. The Christ, the Son of the Blessed
  4. Seated on the right hand of God's power
  5. Jesus of Nazareth
  6. The King of the Jews
  7. Christ the King of Israel
  8. The Son of God
  9. JESUS, the Son of the Highest
  10. Horn of salvation
  11. The dayspring from on high
  12. A Saviour, Christ the Lord
  13. The consolation of Israel
  14. The Lord's Christ
  15. The salvation of God
  16. God's beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased
  17. The Angel of the LORD
  • Praise for God the Spirit

  1. The Holy Ghost
  2. The power of the Highest
  3. Like a dove

Confession of Sin

  • Confession of personal sins revealed by the Spirit
  • Sins in Christianity
  • National Sins

Thanksgiving for Blessings

  • Blessings from the scripture reading for today

  • Personal blessings and provision from the Lord

Supplication for Needs

  • Requests from your reading of Scripture

  • Family needs

  • Extended family

  • Church family

  • Missionaries for the day
  • All nations (Southern South America)

  1. Argentina
  2. Chile
  3. Falkland Islands (U.K.)
  4. Paraguay
  5. Uruguay
Unreached People of the Day
Amdo, Rongmahbrogpa of China Population: 183,000 Primary Language: Tibetan, Amdo Primary Religion: Buddhism % Evangelical: 0.10 Status: Unreached
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