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ACTS Prayer Guide

This ACTS plan for prayer is designed to be an application of the Biblical principle of praying God's words to Him.  Many seem to struggle today in having a meaningful time with God.  Prayer is not just telling God what we need.  It is our desire that this plan will help you in your walk with God.  Following a 30-day prayer list keeps your prayer time from becoming routine.  The prayer list can be incorporated right into a New Testament using the letters A-C-T-S.  Enjoy a "sweet hour of prayer."

Adoration of God

  • Read a Psalm
  • Read or sing a hymn
  • Praise for God
  • Attributes of God
  • Praise for God the Son
  • Praise for God the Spirit


Confession of Sin

  • Personal sins from your reading of Scripture
  • Sins in Christianity
  • National sins


Thanksgiving for Blessings

  • Blessings from your reading of Scripture
  • Personal blessings and provision from the Lord


Supplication for Needs

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